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The underlying essence of our company is to ”Be amazing. Inside and out”. This essence runs through the culture of our organization, the products that we develop and to the consumers whose lives we aim to improve by promoting the health of external and internal skin. SynDermix creates quality natural products and respected brands.

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About Us

SynDermix AG is an emerging global player in the Consumer Health and Beauty industry, specializing in the innovative development, production, and distribution of products that enhance health and appearance by improving the integrity, function and quality of the skin, both inside and out. We use natural products with scientifically proven benefits, free from synthetic chemicals and/or drugs. Products that evolved from nature for human benefit that can improve the lives of people.

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Total Skin Care

SynDermix wants to be identified as a key player in advanced skincare. The skin can respond to damage through a healing process. It is both a protector and an enabler. It is not only a physical barrier but a communicator and regulator; internal skin is involved in immune status and responses. The skin also adapts to the environment, for example the tanning process, in order to maintain the health and survival of the body.

The internal skin covers our cavities; the inside of our mouth, our throat, our sinuses, our gut... It is thinner and more sensitive. Damaged internal skin of the intestine can be detrimental to nutrition and health of the immune system. Skin appearance on the outside reflects skin health from the inside.

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Our Three Subsidiaries

We have 3 Business Units based in Zurich

Natural ingredients

Our products are based on innovative ingredients of natural origin and made in Europe